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About Kings Electronics

Kings Electronics striving to empower, inspire and provide solutions with Electronic tech. One of the Sri Lankan leading digital retailers, we offer more than 1,000 products online and in-store

Kings Provide Solutions, In the modern age, work hours can belong, and the smallest task can become an inconvenience. Occasionally the technology gods grant us the gift of a product that makes our lives easier… sometimes that product won’t be suitable unless we purchase an adapter of some kind and we’re left screaming “Why didn’t they include this adapter in the first place!?”. Here at Maplin, our goal is to provide the solutions you need and make your life easier.

Its market-leading Fast Track delivery service is available across more than 90% of UK postcodes,

Key Figures most visited retail website in the Sri lanka

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How We Do It? Understanding technology opens the door to a world of creative possibilities. We want to tempt you into dabbling with something new. The bedroom programmers of the 80s helped to revive the video games industry and John Carmack (programmer for the original Doom) now has his own space tourism company. All of the greats start out with a bit of curiosity and a dream. We’ll supply the tools to help you build it!

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